$800 CAD – Full Day Trips

Day Rate (7 to 8 hour trips)

2 guests ($50 for each additional guest up to 6 max)

$450 CAD – Evening Specials

Night Bite Special Departs at 5:30 or 6:00 p.m., returning at dusk

2 guests ($50 for each additional guest up to 6 max)

Nanaimo & Nanoose Bay Salmon Fishing Charters

Fishing Season/best time to fish:

Chinook fishing off Nanoose Bay and Nanaimo starts toward the middle of April, and lasts until mid June.  These fish follow the herring spawn in March and hang out actively feeding on schools of herring until June.  This can be a very productive fishery, very close to home.

We position our vessels in Schooner Cove in Nanoose for the April to June season start up.   Nanoose offers easy transit either north or south so we can move to where the best fishing is located.   Late June we then move over to Port Alberni to take advantage of the Alberni Inlet for Somas Sockeye.   This amazing fishery starts when the fish begin arriving around the 3rd week of June and peak in the first 2 weeks of July.  There can still be good fishing through until the end of July in years where the run is a decent size.  These fish are perfect eating and the right size for family fun.

Nanoose Chinook:

We experience good Chinook or King fishing from April through June when these fish often stage out in front of Schooner Cove, French Creek, and Nanaimo.  The early run fish are in prime condition, and are great eating…not to mention they fight well!  There are times when the fish are over at Sangster and Lasquitti Island, which is a 30 to 40 minute run – so we will go to where the fish are.

Trip Choices:

Come and enjoy a quick, inexpensive evening fishing.  Trips depart the dock at 5:30 p.m. and we return at dark (usually 9 p.m.)  That means you can get in a good 3 hours of fishing right at dusk when fishing is often quite good.  These are priced well at $450 CAD plus GST.   Limited to 2 guests.   These trips target fishing opportunities around the Schooner Cove area where there are a number of small islands and drop off areas offering good fishing.

Day trips for salmon fishing charters depart from Schooner Cove Marina in Nanoose Bay.  We will typically fish either around the islands in this area, or run across to Sangster and Lasquitti Islands to take advantage of different opportunities.  If the best fishing is up in French Creek or down in Nanaimo, we will run there to take advantage of the best fishing location and production.  Full day trips are $800 CAD plus GST tax.

When on the water, we can encounter other wildlife such as killer whales, seals, sea lions and bald eagles.  Each day on the water is an adventure.

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