$1,150 CAD – Day Trips to scenic Barkley Sound

Day Rate

River Chinook ( Mid June to Early August )

2 Guests ( $50 for each additional guest up to 6 max )

$1,250 CAD – Off-Shore Trips

Day Rate

King Salmon ( Mid June to Early August )

2 Guests ( $50 for each additional guest up to 6 max )

Fishing Tours That Are Family Friendly

Our fishing trips are perfect for families and children and create memories for years to come. Last Cast Guiding customers have come for team building sessions, bachelor parties and as a destination for yearly fishing trips between friends.

 Fishing Charters to Barkley Sound, Vancouver Island, B.C.

We offer salmon and halibut fishing charters departing from Port Alberni, to Barkley Sound, Bamfield and fishing offshore.  These areas offer truly wild west coast fishing experiences.  Our fishing charters can be customized to suit your needs, so if you are looking for a single or multi day sport fishing charter we will work with you to build a fishing trip of a lifetime.

Single day fishing charters depart from our home port, Clutesi Haven Marina, in Port Alberni on Vancouver Island.  All fishing trips return to Port Alberni at the conclusion of our fishing adventure.

For multi-day fishing charters to Barkley Sound, we recommend staying at Eagle Nook Resort in Barkley Sound.  These trips depart and return to Port Alberni saving you the time and hassle of driving out to Bamfield on the logging road.   The Eagle Nook Resort cost per person is$375 per person/night, which includes packaging your catch in flyable boxes, all food and lodging.  Charter rates for Barkley Sound trips are $1,300/day based on 2 guests.  There is an additional $50/guest charge for groups larger than 2 guests.  Maximum number of guests is 6.

When enjoying our Barkley Sound fishing charters, you will experience fishing among the scenic Broken Group of Islands.  These islands offer unique protected water salmon fishing adventures, where we can get out of the windy seas when the weather is inclement.  Barkley Sound offers fishing charters for Chinook (Kings), and Coho (Silvers) year round.  The best salmon fishing is from June to early September, with the peak season being August.

While not as plentiful as going off shore, Barkley Sound does offer fishing for Halibut and Ling Cod.  The most effective method of catching halibut is to anchor up on the many reefs inside Barkley Sound.

Barkley Sound and the Broken Group of Islands also offers world class opportunities to view wildlife such as Hump Back whales, sea lions, seals and bald eagles.  If we are lucky you can not only enjoy great fishing while out on your fishing charter, but also catch some wild life and whale watching at the same time.

Offshore halibut, ling cod and salmon fishing charters are 2 to 4 day adventures – we base these trips from Bamfield staying at local lodges so we can be out on the water quickly.  For these adventures, we will pick up and drop off guests in Port Alberni, saving you the long drive to Bamfield.

Once out in Bamfield on a multi-day fishing charter, you can select to fish for salmon and halibut off shore or stay inside the calm waters of Barkley Sound.  The advantages and convenience of planning your fishing charter to Bamfield with us is we can change up the fishing plan depending upon the weather and what fishing charter experience you desire.  Come fishing with us on scenic Vancouver Island, B.C., where we will work hard to ensure your fishing charter is the experience of a lifetime.

We can accommodate both small groups of friends who are planning a fishing charter experience to Port Alberni, Bamfield and Barkley Sound or large corporate groups up to 30 or more guests.  Just let us know what your needs are and we can work with you to plan a salmon and halibut fishing charter that is a fun filled experience.  We love families!  So if you want to bring the kids along on a fishing charter experience they will not soon forget, we are the right choice.

Our fishing guides are CTAG certified, meaning we have all the safety training required by Transport Canada to ensure you have a safe fishing charter while fishing with us.  We operate Grady White fishing charter vessels, which are equipped with state of the art electronics, new 4 stroke Suzuki engines, and bathrooms for your comfort.

Bamfield Off Shore Fishing Charters

Come experience world class salmon and halibut sport fishing charters in Bamfield on Vancouver Island, B.C.  All our fishing charters depart and return to Port Alberni, making your fishing trip to Bamfield simple and easy.  No more driving out to Bamfield on the logging road – we pick you up and transport you by boat.

We recommend a minimum of 2-day fishing charters for guests who are planning to fish off shore.  The ideal trip length is 3 days, which provides guests with the time to target a number of different species.

Bamfield offers a great home base and jump off point to quickly get out off shore into the productive waters of Big Bank.  What makes off shore fishing productive is Bamfield is in the middle of a salmon and halibut highway stretching from Tofino and Ucluelet, down to Swiftsure Bank off Renfrew.  Using this part of the ocean as our home base, we can go in either direction chasing the most productive charter fishing.

In the event of rough weather, we are still able to fish inside Barkley Sound meaning you will not have down days due to weather conditions, which can be problematic when fishing out of other areas.  Bamfield fishing charters offer quick access to getting off shore onto the Big Bank.  Salmon and Halibut migrate down the bank searching for abundant feed, congregating on Big Bank or South Bank when they encounter large schools of bait fish.  This unique situation sets up tremendous salmon and halibut fishing opportunities.  Bring a large cooler, you will need it!

Our fishing charters to Barkley Sound are planned around picking you up in Port Alberni the night before your fishing trip.  We will transport you by boat to Barkley Sound, where we will stay at Eagle Nook Resort.  Accommodation packages are $375 per person/night, which includes all fish processing, your meals and accommodation.  Fishing charters with us are planned to be simple and easy to organize.

These fishing trips are multiple day adventures, ranging from 3 to 4 days depending upon your interests.  In most cases the ideal fishing trip is planned over 3 days, which gives you the time to spread our effort on different fisheries such as Halibut, Ling Cod and Salmon.

Best times for offshore fishing charters from Bamfield on Vancouver Island, are from June to early September.  Halibut fishing usually starts getting decent in March through until September, but is dependent upon the weather off shore.

Ling Cod fishing can be very productive, particularly using jigs along rock outcrops and drop off zones.  Typical ling cod will be from 10 to 25 pounds, and the average ling cod is in the 10 to 12 pound range.  The minimum size limit is 65 cm, and each angler is allowed to retain 3 per day up to a 2 day possession limit.

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