$800 CAD

Day Rate (7 to 8 hour trips)

2 guests ($50 for each additional guest up to 6 max)

$450 CAD

Night Bite Special Departs at 5:30 or 6:00 p.m., returning at dusk

2 guests ($50 for each additional guest up to 6 max)

Salmon Fishing Charters near Nanaimo, BC

We offer Chinook (King) salmon fishing charters departing from Nanoose Bay in the spring (April to June).  Pricing for full day trips is $950 plus GST based on 2 guests.  An additional $50/guest up to maximum of 6 guests will be applied.

These fishing trips target Chinook (King) salmon that stage in the east coast Vancouver Island.  We can fish several areas from Nanoose Bay, such as Nanaimo, Parksville, French Creek and over to Sangster and Lasquiti Islands.   The Chinook salmon fishing charters around Nanoose Bay in the spring can be quite productive.  The reason for this is fish migrating towards rivers in Puget Sound and the Fraser River tend to stage in the Nanoose and Nanaimo waters feeding on herring that spawn in this region in February and March.

DNA studies on fish caught in the recreational fishery from this area show there is a mix of Chinook that originate from Puget Sound, the Fraser River and lower Straight of Georgia.   Our fishing charters target these different salmon runs, and we will move around the area to follow the fish as they feed and move through our region.

Chinook frequenting these waters in the spring and early summer tend to range in size from 7 to 30 pounds, although the majority of fish are in the 7 to 15 pound class.  We typically fish deeper with small spoons and bait, targeting drop off areas where bait is congregating.

We offer both full day fishing adventures and an evening special at $550 based on 2 guests.  The Nanoose Bay area offers quick easy access to fishing, making it possible to get you out on the water for the evening night bite fishing charters.  The Nanoose Night Bite Fishing Charters are a nice way to get out fishing for a few hours and try your luck after dinner.  We typically leave the dock between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. fishing until dark.  These evening trips are an inexpensive way to pop out on the water for a quick fishing experience and try your hand at a salmon fishing charter experience.

Our full day trips tend to be timed to target the tides, so we can get in the morning bite along with a tide change.  Best times are usually the first 2 hours on either side of a slack tide.  Tidal movement often triggers feeding activity, and the bite can come on like turning on a light switch.  That is why we attempt to time our fishing charters to take advantage of tide changes.

On full day fishing charters, we encourage guests to bring a lunch and any drinks you would like to enjoy.  As the temperatures and conditions can change dramatically over the day, we also encourage guests to bring different layers of clothing.

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