Things To Do In Key West With Kids

When you go on vacation with your kids, you are allowing them to de-stress, create happy memories and showing them different cultures. If you are worrying about things to do in Key West with kids, just know that Back Country Key West offers a variety of fun activities.

What is there to do in Key West with a toddler?

At Key West, there is an abundance of fun activities that your child will enjoy. Our company has backcountry tours services on safe and shallow waters at private beaches, which are perfect for your toddler to have fun building sand castles. You can also choose to relax or let your child join you in some unique activities, like watching dolphins.

Most of our services are suitable for older kids and teenagers. Some of our suggestions are paddle boarding, snorkeling, and fishing. However, if you own a small child or you just don’t want them to do any risky activity, you can still take a full day to relax on a private beach, where you and your kids will enjoy a summer day and create amazing memories.

Go snorkeling with your kids

Usually, when families go on vacation, the most recurring option is to spend an entire day at a beach. That is still a great option, and something that you can enjoy with our services, but there are a multitude of other things to do in Key West with kids. For instance, you can go snorkeling.

Snorkeling is a fun and engaging activity that your entire family can relish. This activity is generally safe for kids over the age of six, but there are some precautions you should take regarding your infant. We will already provide all the necessary equipment, but since this activity does not involve much physical effort, kids tend to get quite cold after more than ten minutes under water. If you want to prevent this, acquiring a thermal swimsuit for your kid should suffice.

Is Key West safe?

Although the crime rate in the Florida Keys is quite low, you should still be careful when visiting, especially with your kids. We recommend you to be cautious at night and have some common sense when exploring your surroundings. One good aspect of the island is that most people walk on foot instead of driving cars. That is particularly favorable for your kids, as they can enjoy quite a bit more freedom.

Come chartering with us!

Our professional team has the proper chartering experience and will provide you all the equipment necessary for you to create unforgettable family memories. Our boat even has a silent motor, so you won’t even know it’s running. This engine is perfect for kids since it won’t disturb or annoy them.

Our captain knows that safety is paramount, so he will always have your kid into consideration when choosing a location. This is just one of the multiple reasons why Back Country Key West Charters has the best safety record in the business. There are many things to do in Key West with kids, and we hope you choose to do them with us.