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Find your Haven in Sudbury Apartments

With nearly 155,000 citizens today, Sudbury is considered the largest city within Northern Ontario. It covers an area of nearly 3,627 sq. km. Sudbury, Ontario is a bustling city with lots to do for anyone at any age. New retailers and businesses are opening almost constantly. Between the three post-secondary schools and many places for young adults to start their lives, it's no surprise that the demand for Sudbury apartments is in high demand.

The current real estate market in Sudbury makes it increasingly impossible for many of the working class to become homeowners. As the demand for apartments in Sudbury continues to increase, and with short supply, prices continue to increase. The current average monthly rent for an apartment in Sudbury stands between $1200 (1-bedroom units) and $1400 (3-bedroom units). Average monthly income rates in the town currently sit around $2500. This means that an average of nearly one-half of a single person's monthly salary is going towards rent.

Why Renting is Your Best Option

The major players in the rental market appear to be at the ends of the spectrum: young adults starting out on their own and senior citizens looking to live out their lives with properties that require less maintenance. Because of this, there is a high demand for smaller units for singles or couples to occupy. Furthermore, many citizens of Sudbury work in the public sector in fields such as education, healthcare, and public service, meaning that much of Sudbury’s population is not overly wealthy.

Searching for a new apartment can be a daunting task, especially in a market where supply and demand are not always meeting. The excitement of finding a place to call home quickly becomes a headache when websites aren't easy to navigate and searches on foot turn up fruitless. Especially for much of Sudbury’s working middle class, time is a precious commodity, and many who are searching for their next apartment home do not want to waste any of the little spare time they have turning over rocks to try to find a place to call home.

Worry-free with Panoramic  Properties

If you are one of these people looking for your next apartment to call home in Sudbury, though, Panoramic Properties has just what you've been searching to find. In business since the 1990s, we own properties and complexes all over Ontario. Our Sudbury apartments offer many options, meaning you will find something to meet your needs.

With a variety of styles, locations, and the option for short-term, fully-furnished units or long-term units to make your own, Panoramic Properties will have a unit to fit your needs under nearly any circumstance. From upwards of $900 per month, rental rates can be found to fit nearly any budget as well. Whether you are a young singleton, an established family with children, or a retiree, Panoramic has everything from bachelor pads to multi-bedroom units available with many of our properties.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit today and browse all of our available apartment units in Sudbury.

Sudbury Apartments