If you have a love for boating and everything that is nautical in nature, you may want to think about looking into your options for a boat share. When you look at this type of a setup a little bit closer, boat sharing is a great way to own a boat while making your dreams of being on the water possible but without the major costs of being the sole owner. You buy into everything that comes with having a boat, including the excitement and experience. However, you are never going to have to worry about all of the stress that may come from having to maintain it on your own. 

One of the common misconceptions about boat sharing is that people think they will be sharing their time on the water along with the other owners. In reality, what you are sharing is just the costs. Sharing such a cost on a beautiful boat makes it easier for you to afford the lifestyle at just a fraction of the cost. 

How Boat Sharing Works 

If you are interested in a boat share opportunity, you buy the equity in the boat of your choice and then pay a fee each month for expenses like maintenance and running costs. You have a percentage of the ownership on a boat where you have a certain amount of days each year to enjoy it. Depending on the plan, you may also have unlimited standby access to enjoy the boat more often. This is available to you whenever your boat is not booked by any of the other owners. 

Did you know that many people who are involved in a boat share situation say that they tend to spend more time on the water than they would if they owned their own boat? This is because boat sharing customers have to book their time in advance so they can plan ahead for adventures and schedule other plans around it.

The Experience

How does it sound to be able to walk on and off of a boat without having to deal with any of the preparation or maintenance? You simply arrive with your boating party and everything is already immaculate and well-maintained. To make it even better, the boat already comes outfitted with a variety of extras so that you have a wonderful experience on board and you are ready to go from the moment you arrive on the dock. 

When you work with Freedom Boat Club for a boat share opportunity, you will have everything that you need to get started on the next level of water recreation. We have a variety of boat sharing opportunities available and we want you to be able to enjoy the boating lifestyle without the hassle and stress that comes from owning your own boat. You simply buy your share, plan out your days for boating activities, and then you just show up to enjoy your time on the water alone or with your guests. This is a boat sharing opportunity where you never have to worry about things like waxing the hull, repainting the bottom of the boat or anything else.

Partage De Bateau