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Edmonton Golf Courses

Playing golf is not just about having the right skills, the things that can make it more appealing and relaxing are the beautifully designed golf courses, the perfectly laid out traps, and the soothing greens that can melt away all your tiredness of the week in a minute.

From a wide range of available Edmonton golf courses, Cattail Crossing Golf & Winter Club has everything that a golfer craves for. This golf courses near Edmonton offer all such perks and privileges. The spectacular view, well-manicured holes, and well-treed areas are sure to make your time a memorable one here.

FAQs about Golf Courses:

When one decides to enjoy this elegant game they look for Golf courses and driving ranges in Edmonton. There are many things that you need to understand before choosing a golf course suitable for you. Here we have answered some of the most asked questions.

Q) What are the different areas of Golf Course and what are they called?

The Greater Edmonton golfing course are designed into 5well-definedd areas such as:

  • Teeing area is the starting point of the golf course. Here the ball is placed on the tee that lifts the ball above the ground.
  • Fairways come after the tee area. The grass on the fairway is kept short and the basic goal here is to advance the ball towards the green areas without getting towards the rough areas.
  • Putting Greens is the end of the holes in the golf course and you have to put the ball in the holes here.
  • Plus Rough is the area with unmanicured, long, and thick grasses to give a challenging task to the players.
  • Bunker areas can be anywhere on the golf course. They are the hollowed-out area on the course and it is wise to play in such a way as not to get in it.
  • Penalty Areas The water hazards on the course are penalty areas that can be lakes, rivers, puddles, ditches, etc.

Q) What does Par in the golf refers to?

The par is the number of strokes that a player is expected to make to complete the play. For the 18 holes course par 70, 71, and 72 are the most common ones. There are par 3 and executive courses that have shorter holes and takes less time also.

Q) What is the handicap in Golf?

Golf Handicap is the number that represents the golfer’s ability based on his previous record. For men, it is usually between zero to twenty right and for women, it is zero to thirty-six.

Q) What is a tee time?

You need to make a reservation at a golf course to begin your round at the course this is known as Tee Time. You are supposed to play your tee shot at the designated time.

Q) What is the different type of Golf Courses?

The Edmonton golf courses can be specified based on size, design, or simply access.

  • Size: As per size there are commonly 18 holes courses, 9 hole courses, executive courses, approach courses, and par 3 courses.
  • Design: There is the sandy coastline with few or no trees known as link courses, lushly manicured fields called Parkland course, and a course built in dessert known as Dessert Course.
  • By Access: There are public courses, private courses semi-private, and resort courses. You can opt for any based on your preference and liking.

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