Crestliner Boats For Sale London

Just like automobiles, boats vary in shape and size. Before you go out to buy a boat, you need to determine what type of vessel best fits your needs. Those needs will depend on why you want to be on the water. From there, you can narrow your options accordingly.

At Xtreme Marine London, we have an impressive collection of boats, including Crestliner boats for sale in London. Crestliner has been building strong, reliable boats for over seventy years. You can find the latest Crestliner boat models at Xtreme.

The Different Types of Boats

The three main boat categories are motorboats, sailboats, and unpowered boats. In these categories, you’ll find various types, such as:

  • Fishing Boats – These are boats built specifically for fishing. Fishing boats come with features such as a trolling motor system, a front bow, live wells, and rod lockers. They can be used in both fresh and saltwater bodies.
  • Bowrider Boats – They can hold eight or more passengers, and, therefore, suitable for family use. Bowrider boats have seating arrangements in the cockpit, helm, and bow cockpit. They come powered with outboard engines or sterndrive power.
  • House Boats – These are boats that offer accommodation facilities. A houseboat is designed to be used as a home. They're available in various sizes and shapes and are fitted with modern amenities.

At Xtreme Marine London, we have bowrider, pontoon, day cruisers, fishing boat,  and several other boat types.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Boat?

Here are tips for buying a new vessel:

  • Boat Type –Different types of boats are meant for different purposes. Ask yourself whether you need the boat for water sports, fishing, living, or other uses. That will help you narrow down your search to a single boat type.
  • New or Used – Decide which between a brand new or used boat will serve you better, keeping in mind the drawbacks and advantages of each choice.
  • Best Dealership – Compare offers from different boat dealers before settling on one. The best dealer will provide you with quality boats, a variety of models, and suitable pricing.

When is the Best Time to Buy A Boat?

Seasons affect boat sales, and here’s what you should know about them:

  • Summer – Summer and spring are boating seasons. As a result, many people buy boats during both seasons. Hence, purchasing a new vessel during summer or spring can be quite costly. That said, purchasing a boat during these seasons allows you to enjoy the water immediately.
  • Fall – After the boating season, demand for boats decreases with the onset of fall. Most manufacturers offer price discounts and cuts during fall. Even though you will have to wait longer for the next boating season, you'll have enough time to accessorize your boat.
  • Winter – Winter comes with boat shows, where manufacturers get to exhibit their latest models and display the newest boat features. This is a good time to explore various options with the possibility of getting great deals. Dealers may even have sales offers to clear the past year’s inventory before the new boating season sets in.

Get the Right Boat

At Xtreme Marine London, we strive to bring the best boat brands to you with affordable price tags. As an authorized boat dealer, we are proud to offer you Crestliner boats for sale in London. Give us a call today on 519-641-0505 for more details about our Crestliner inventory.

Crestliner Boats For Sale London
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Crestliner Boats For Sale London
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